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MPS-misc 2003-23
February 2003

Workshop on Statistical Aspects of Microarray Data


by Jens Ledet Jensen (ed.)


This booklet contains the abstracts of the talks at the Maphysto-workshop "Statistical Aspects of Microarray Data" that was held at the Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Aarhus. The workshop was funded by MaPhySto and by a grant from the Danish National Science Foundation. The workshop was part of the MaPhySto initiative in mathematical modelling in biology and was organized by Jens Ledet Jensen (University of Aarhus), Mathisca de Gunst (EURANDOM, Eindhoven/Free University of Amsterdam), Mats Rudemo (Stochastic Centre, Gothenburg), and Michael Sørensen (University of Copenhagen). It was the intention of the workshop to cover a number of the statistical issues of importance for the analysis of microarray data. This goes from the basic level of extracting information from the scanned images, defining a suitable expression level, and normalization issues when comparing different arrays, to the high level analysis involving clustering of genes and samples, finding differentiable expressed genes, and building classifiers for diagnostic purposes. The booklet contains the programme for the workshop, the abstracts of the talks and a list of participants.

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