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MPS-RR 1999-37
October 1999

Fermionisation of the Spin-S Uimin-Lai-Sutherland Model:

Generalisation of the Supersymmetric t-J Model to Spin-S


Jan Ambjørn

D. Karakhanyan, M. Mirumyan, A. Sedrakyan


The spin-1 Uimin-Lai-Sutherland (ULS) isotropic chain model is expressed in terms of fermions and the equivalence of the fermionic representation to the supersymmetric t-J model is established directly at the level of Hamiltonians.The spin-S ULS model is fermionized and the Hamiltonian of the corresponding generalisation of the t-J model is written down.

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This paper has now been published in Nuclear Phys. B 599 (2001), no. 3, 547--560.