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MPS-RR 1998-5
May 1998

Non-perturbative Lorentzian Quantum Gravity, Causality and Topology Change


Jan Ambjørn

R. Loll


We formulate a non-pertubative lattice model of two-dimensional Lorentzian quantum gravity by performing the path integral over geometries with a causal structure. The model can be solved exactly at the discretized level. Its continuum limit coincides with the theory obtained by quantizing 2d continuum gravity in proper-time gauge, but it disagrees with 2d gravity defined via matrix models or Liouville theory. By allowing topology change of the compact spatial slices (i.e. baby universe creation), one obtains agreement with the matrix models and Liouville theory.

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This paper has now been published in Nucl.Phys. B536 (1998) 407-434