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Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Aarhus

Funded by The Danish National Research Foundation

Workshop on

Geometric Scattering

November 5-7, 1998

University of Aarhus

From Thursday, November 5, 1998 to Saturday, November 7, 1998 MaPhySto organized a workshop on Geometric Scattering.

You may wish to read the mini-proceedings from the Workshop.


The lectures on Thursday and Friday will take place in Auditorium D1, Building 531 (first floor), and in Auditorium D3 (one floor up) on Saturday.

10.00-11.00 R. Melrose: Euclidean space and the scattering structure asymptotics M. Zworski: Proof of the trace formula and of scattering asymptotics A. Vasy: Propagation of singularities and structure of S-matrices
11.30-12.30 A. Vasy: Introduction to many-body scattering R. Melrose: Pseudodifferential operators and propagation of singularities M. Zworski: Pair correlation problem for phase shifts
14.00-15.00 M. Zworski: Scattering theory on manifolds with cylindrical ends: scattering matrix, resonances A. Vasy: The scattering calculus R. Melrose: Scattering for other classes of metrics
15.30-16.30 G. Salomonsen: $\eta$-Invariants for Manifolds with Corners P. Perry: Isoscattering Schottky manifolds (to be announced)

Practical information: All registered participants are invited to the lunch provided by MaPhySto in the cafeteria in the lower level of the Departments. A table has been reserved for the participants.


  • Mikael Abrahamsson (Lund)
  • Erik Balslev (Aarhus)
  • Søren Fournais (Aarhus)
  • Francesca Antoci (Torino)
  • Michael Hitrik (Lund)
  • Anders Holst (Lund)
  • Arne Jensen (Aalborg)
  • Jon Johnsen (Aalborg)
  • Wolf Jung (RWTH Aachen)
  • Jacob Møller (Paris-Sud)
  • Michael Melgaard (Aalborg)
  • Richard Melrose (MIT)
  • Laurence Nedelec (Paris)
  • George Nenciu (Aalborg)
  • Peter Perry (U. Kentucky)
  • Gorm Salomonsen (MaPhySto)
  • Oliver Sick (U. Bonn)
  • Erik Skibsted (Aarhus)
  • Jan Philip Solovej (Copenhagen)
  • Andras Vasy (Berkeley)
  • Alexei Venkov (MaPhySto)
  • Maciej Zworski (Berkeley)

Travel Information


Limited support is available. Preference will be given to younger participants.


The deadline for registration was September 20, 1998.

More Information

Please make further inquiries to MaPhySto (maphysto@mi.aau.dk) or to the local organizers

Arne Jensen (Aalborg) and Erik Skibsted (Aarhus).

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