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MaPhySto Concentrated advanced course on

Free Probability

From Monday, 17 May, 1999 to Saturday, 22 May, 1999, MaPhySto organized a concentrated course on Voiculescu's free probability theory and related topics. There were two series of lectures given by Ken Dykema and Uffe Haagerup as well as a few invited talks by other researchers in the area. The main topics of the lectures were:

  1. Free sets of non-commuting "random variables". Voiculescu's R- and S-transforms.
  2. The central limit law in free probability, and the free analogs of classical probability distributions.
  3. Random matrices and Wigners semicircle law.
  4. Random matrix models for free sets of operators.
  5. Voiculescu's free entropy.
  6. Applications of free probability and free entropy to C*-algebras and von Neumann algebras.

All lectures took place in the seminarroom of IMADA (= Department of Mathematics and Computer science) next to entrance "L" in the main building of Odense University. (See the maps provided by Odense University's web).

Schedule of Lectures

(KD = Ken Dykema, UH = Uffe Haagerup)

	Monday, May 17:

	9.15 -10.00 Registration
	10.15-11.00 KD
	11.15-12.00 KD

	14.15-15.00 UH
	15.15-16.00 UH
	16.15-17.00 Larsen

	Tuesday, May 18:

	9.15 -10.00 KD
	10.15-11.00 KD
	11.15-12.00 Blanchard

	14.15-15.00 UH
	15.15-16.00 UH
	16.15-17.00 Thorbjørnsen

	Wednesday, May 19:

	9.15 -10.00 KD
	10.15-11.00 KD
	11.15-12.00 Oravecz
	12.15-13.00 Lehner

	Thursday, May 20:

	9.15 -10.00 Petz
	10.15-11.00 Petz
	11.15-12.00 UH

	14.15-15.00 UH
	15.15-16.00 Ambjørn
	16.15-17.00 Ambjørn

	Friday, May 21:

	9.15 -10.00 Speicher
	10.15-11.00 Speicher
	11.15-12.00 KD

	14.15-15.00 KD
	15.15-16.00 UH
	16.15-17.00 UH

	Saturday, May 22:

	9.30 -10.15 Bozejko
	10.30-11.15 Bozejko
	11.30-12.15 Buchholz


More Information

Please make further inquiries to MaPhySto (maphysto@mi.aau.dk) or to the organizer Uffe Haagerup.

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