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Centre for Mathematical Physics and Stochastics
Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Aarhus

Funded by The Danish National Research Foundation

Workshop on

Free Probability and Random Matrices

5-9 June, 2000 at Sandbjerg Manor, Denmark

Featured Speaker: D. Voiculescu (Berkeley)

Random Matrices has over the last 10 years become an important tool in Operator Algebra Theory and in particular in Free Probability Theory. The purpose of this workshop was to bring together scientists from Operator Algebra Theory and from Random Matrix Theory, making possible a fruitful exchange of ideas.

The Workshop was organized by Uffe Haagerup, Ken Dykema and Steen Thorbjørnsen.

List of speakers/titles

J. Ambjørn: Solvable Matrix Models and their Use in Selected Areas of Physics

Z. Bai: Methodologies in Spectral Analysis of Large Dimensional Random Matrices

M. Bozejko: Non-commutative Central Limit Theorems and Hopf-Kerov Deformations

V. Girko:

  1. Twenty Five Years of Canonical Stochastic Equation for Symmetric Random Matrices
  2. "STOGRAM" Canonical Equation and its Relation with Circular, Elliptic and V-Laws

S. Israelson: A Law Of Large Number Theorem For a Class of Dense Symmetric Random Matrices

C. Kristjansen: The O(n) Matrix Model: Generalizing Wigner's Semi-circle Law

F. Lehner: On computation of spectra in free probability

R. Lenczewski: A Filtered Multivariate Extension of the Hierarchy of Freeness

L. Pastur: Random Matrices with Unitary Invariant Distributions (2 talks)

G. Pisier: Some Applications of Random Matrices to Operator Spaces

F. Radulescu: TBA

D. Shlyakhtenko: Topological Entropy for Free Product Automorphisms

J. Silverstein:

  1. On the Rate of Convergence of the Empirical Spectral Distribution of Large Dimensional Sample Covariance Matrices
  2. An Application of Random Matrices to Array Signal Processing

P. Sniady: Gaussian matrix models and random commutation relations

S. Szarek: Random and randomlike matrices in operator theory and geometry of Banach spaces


    Monday          Tuesday       Wednesday      Thursday      Friday  

    Registration    Silverstein   Voiculescu     Pastur        Girko

    Voiculescu      Bai           Pisier         Szarek        TBA

    Shlyakhtenko    Pastur        Girko          Silverstein   Voiculescu

    Lehner          Ambjørn                      Radulescu         

    Sniady          Kristjansen                  Bozejko

    Israelson       Dykema                       Lenczewski

    The timetable for the lectures was:

    Morning:   9.00- 9.45      Afternoon: 14.00-14.45
              10.15-11.00                 15.15-16.00
              11.15-12.00                 16.15-17.00

    Wednesday afternoon was reserved for a walk in the beatiful 
    neighbourhood of Sandbjerg or for other social activities.

    The conference dinner was held on Wednesday evening.


Ambjørn, Jan (Copenhagen)
Anschelevich, Michael (Berkeley)
Bai, Z.D. (Singapore)
Barndorff-Nielsen, Ole (Aarhus)
Bozejko, Marek (Wroclaw)
Buchholz, Artur (Wroclaw)
Christensen, Erik (Copenhagen)
Dykema, Ken (Texas A & M)
Girko, Vyacheslav (Sao Paulo)
Haagerup, Uffe (Odense)
Hjelmborg, Jacob (Oslo)
Israelsson, Stefan (Stockholm)
Kristjansen, Charlotte (Copenhagen)
Lehner, Franz (Paris)
Lenczewski, Romuald (Wroclaw)
Nielsen, Niels Jørgen (Odense)
Pastur, Leonid (Paris)
Pisier, Gilles (Paris)
Radulescu, Florin (Iowa)
Rørdam, Mikael (Copenhagen)
Silverstein, Jack (North Carolina)
Shlyanktenko, Dimitri (UCLA)
Sniady, Piotr (Wroclaw)
Solovej, Jan Philip (Copenhagen)
Szarek, Stanislaw (Case Western Univ.)
Thorbjørnsen, Steen (Odense)
Voiculescu, Dan (Berkeley)

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