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Vol.2, Issue No. 2. December 2003

Funded by The Danish National Research Foundation

Aspects of Large Quantum Systems Related to Bose-Einstein Condensation, 15-17 April, 2004

The goal of this MaPhySto workshop on Bose-Einstein condensation is to identify, formulate, and ultimately solve, interesting mathematical problems, which appear in connection with this fascinating phenomenon.

Although many aspects of large systems of Bose particles have been studied in the physics literature, the mathematical literature is still quite small. Many problems lack a rigorous mathematical study. The relevance of such studies is sometimes questioned by the physicists and some of the interesting mathematical problems seem irrelevant to them.

So can we build a bridge between the two worlds? We hope so. The program of the workshop is intended to be a mixture of talks by outstanding theoretical, experimental and mathematical physicists working in the field. The workshop ends with a discussion session, which will hopefully deepen the interaction among the participants, and initiate new collaborations.

More details may be found on the home page of the workshop.

Horia Cornean (member of the organizing committee)